Family Life

à table!

i’m cooking dinner tonight, and it’s one of our favourite meals: gochujang chicken. can’t beat chicken and potatoes right? this version is slowly roasted for over two hours in a sweet and spicy sauce. it takes about twenty minutes to prep, then another 15 minutes once cooked to get it […]

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so tasty

i go through periods where i am mildly obsessed with avocado, and eat it almost daily. I am totally in that period right now, especially as we have happened to come across a really good source. this might seem odd to you, but since all avocadoes are imported into france, […]

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sheltering in place

we’ve been on restricted in movement in france since march 16th. actually, my family and I started self-isolating on the 13th at night, and apart from my husband going in to work one morning, and doing a grocery run one evening, we have not left the house. Our new normal […]

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a winter holiday outing with friends

yesterday along with our friend sandrine and her daughters we took a trip to visit le plais ideal du facteur cheval, renowned as a splendid example of naive or outsider art. it was built over 33 years by a postman, who had dreamed it up in “visions”. it’s hard to […]

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my 2020 book logs

it’s time for another year of reading! are you ready? this year i decided to seprate out my main book log, where i log everything i read and my challenge logs. i’m using a separate notebook for my challenge logs, i’m hoping it becomes a reading journal of sorts. i’m […]

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dj kieran in da house!

DJ Kieran

kieran loves music. as soon as he gets home from school, the first thing he does is put music on to play. we have a family subscription with deezer, which means he gets to have his own profile, and listen to whatever he pleases. luckily he has good taste, and […]

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