21 January, 2020

20 things in 2020

so i saw a bunch of people in my bullet journaling groups posting about this and i decided to jump on the bandwagon! it seems like a good way to be mindful of doing the things you keep saying you want to do. a lot of the things on my list are things that i wish i had done more of in the last couple years, so i’m hoping this list will help with that. even if i don;t get it all done, i feel like i will feel much more fulfilled by year’s end of 2020

Here’s my list

20 craft projects
20 house projects
20 cards/letters sent
20 bouquets from the garden
20 faces painted or drawn
20 books read with kieran
20 loaves of bread
20 memory keeping projects
20 boxes/bags of decluttering
20 new recipes
20 DSLR photos a month
20 girls’ night out/ see friends
20 self-care days
20 house plants
20 social/cultural events
20 meaningful blog posts
20 20€ notes saved
20 handlettered pieces
20 house areas organised

does it seem like a lot? right now it all seems doable to me, so we’ll see. do you have a similar list? would you attempt a 20 in 2020?