9 April, 2021

I Need to Rescue my Garden

I love gardening, and have been a kind of avid gardener, both vegetables and flowers since we finally moved into a house with a tiny plot in 2011. Growing up in the Caribbean having a kitchen garden was pretty common, so I was happy to be able to grow thing! We had tried with tomatoes in a balcony garden before, but this was going to be the real thing!

When we moved to a house with an even bigger garden, things got serious

Then we bought a house, and I was even more excited because now I could landscape and have the garden of my dreams!

I even started a cut flower garden in 2019 because I live having flowers indoors. Then Covid hit, and I lost all desire for gardening, and other things. I don’t know why. Or maybe I should say that I was surprised it affected me that way. At the start of the pandemic I thought I would finally be able to do even more gardening. It was March, and the perfect time for it, with all the time I now had available. But I fell into a kind of malaise, where the only thing I seemed capable of was knitting and crochet. Oh and keeping my son on track with homeschooling.

So the garden has been neglected for over a year. Last fall I tried to motivate myself to at least prepare the garden for over wintering, but it still didn’t happen. I definitely want to get back out there, and get it back to its former splendour again. I am deterred by the knowledge of how much there is to do though. But I know if I don’t do it this year, it will be even worse next year, and so I am using these photos of my garden past to get me going. When it’s in its full glory it is truly my favourite place to hang out!

Do you enjoy gardening?

P.S. For some reason I can’t find any photos of our veggie garden at the new house, but we used to have bumper crops of tomatoes, lots of herbs, and also a decent amount of other veggies like aubergines.