30 April, 2021

looking forward

i have totally enjoyed this month of daily blogging, and today i am reflecting on what i’ve learnt from making myself blog every day, no matter what.

first, i still love blogging and writing, and how it can help form connections with others. some believe that blogging is dead, but i disagree. social media is fun, but for me blogging has deeper roots.

once again i see that the more i create, the more creative i am. this applies to all kinds of creativity, and it’s why i enjoy daily creative practices.

i definitely can and will be blogging more often on callaloo soup. this month i have gotten a good idea of the kinds of things i enjoy writing about, and the kinds of things you enjoy reading. so while it won’t be daily, i commit to engaging with you here at least twice a week.

if you want to connect with me in other ways then please sign up for my newsletter below. i send a massive message at the start of the month, and shorter weekly digests with things of interest to creatives and readers.

see you around!