This and That


i’m finding it hard to settle into getting anything concrete done this week, and this morning while doing my morning pages, i had an epiphany: i’m exhausted from over extending myself last week. i signed up for three different classes without realising it (you know those free challenges that lead […]

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today was a saturday unlike the norm. my son wanted me to come to his football match in the afternoon, so i had to reorganise my day. usually i don’t leave the house on Saturdays – my husband does the grocery shopping – so i spend it at home dong […]

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i. hoping for a normal week, after a covid case in my son’s class leading to quarantine/homeschool, then two bank holidays and an overnight trip. ii. still coming down from my late night book club session last night with the caribbean book club. iii. thinking about how to attack my […]

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looking forward

i have totally enjoyed this month of daily blogging, and today i am reflecting on what i’ve learnt from making myself blog every day, no matter what. first, i still love blogging and writing, and how it can help form connections with others. some believe that blogging is dead, but […]

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it’s that time of day when my energy is beginning to flag, and i start to panic a bit when i look at what’s left on my list. this is when i start making hard decisions about what gets left undone. this is why i do my best to tackle […]

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halfway down

Halfway down the stairsis a stairwhere i sit.there isn’t anyother stairquite likeit.i’m not at the bottom,i’m not at the top;so this is the stairwhereI alwaysstop. Halfway up the stairsIsn’t upAnd it isn’t down.It isn’t in the nursery,It isn’t in town.And all sorts of funny thoughtsRun round my head.It isn’t reallyAnywhere!It’s […]

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