12 April, 2021

monday musings

a. sitting here thinking “dang, that was an exhausting weekend!” exhausting weekend = baked a cake and cupcakes, skyped with family for son’s birthday, online book club sunday night. doing more than mere pandemic basics is tiring y’all!

b. speaking of book club: stayed up way too late after because i couldn’t turn my brain off as usual. i love our discussions, but then i can’t stop thinking! it’s one of the best things to come out of the last year though.

c. scrapped the mega to-do list for completing just the basics. then will play in my sketchbook. tomorrow is another day.

d. so glad we’re on spring break! considering letting the kid go completely feral now. feral = non-stop screen time. yikes!

e. really happy the sunshine is back after three days of gloom and rain.

f. feeling anxious about my caribbean peeps as the soufriere volcano in st.vincent continues to erupt. times like these i really hate being far from home.

g. excited about doing more research to continue our discussions about segu next month. flying that nerd flag high!

h. feeling like all my ideas and plans are going to gel into something solid to offer to my community very soon.

i. looking forward to the simple cheesy pasta dish planned for dinner.

j. lecturing myself sternly about being good and going to bed early. it ain’t gonna happen though, i am starting a new book tonight!