29 April, 2021


it’s that time of day when my energy is beginning to flag, and i start to panic a bit when i look at what’s left on my list. this is when i start making hard decisions about what gets left undone. this is why i do my best to tackle big stuff first so i only end up cutting non-essential items. this blog post is one of the things left, and must get done. just one more day left in the daily blog challenge and i have put a post up every day. looks like most of what i want to do for the rest of the afternoon is fun stuff like painting. but ugh, i need to read walden for at least an hour, i am no way near to finishing and our meeting is on sunday. sunday is going to be “packed” – a birthday lunch (outside, socially distanced), and two book club meetings, including a meet the author session. happy there is some sun streaming though the skyights today, it started off quite grey and wet. setting a vow to work on the flower beds on saturday, weather permitting. i miss my lovely garden. seaking of a birthday, i also need to make a gift for the birthday girl, that needs to be decided asap. hoping the peonies are at the point where i can gift her a bouquet too. after this blog post i will sort out social media stuff, and then i can play!