14 April, 2021

Work-in-Progress Wednesday – Sewing

In February I took a class at Seamwork called Design Your Wardrobe. The three week class helps you to conceptualise and design a wardrobe for a specific season based on a number of criteria, and contexts. (E.g. is it warm or cool, does your lifestyle revolve around work, parenting etc.).

I enjoyed the methodical process of coming up with looks to suit my life right now. The process was approached like that of a fashion designer: compiling a mood board, naming the collection, and then choosing a number of looks. I am still working on finalising all the garments I want to make. I have decided on a number of looks, and have even chosen patterns. My last step will be to decide on fabrics. I’m hoping to have most of these made by July.

I’m a beginner sewer at best, but I am enjoying learning new techniques, and can’t wait to show off my Me Made Wardrobe!