Work in Progress | Knit Tank

I finally picked back up this knit project that I started a year ago! Once finished it will be my official first knitted tank. I am much more confident in my knitting now, and once this is complete I have a few other garment projects lined up. The plan is […]

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let’s craft

i’m a crafter, a maker and creative person. i love seeing things come to life just by using my own hands. so far this year i have been a a great creative mode, and i plan on continuing that trend! i thought i’d share some photos of what i’ve been […]

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10 photos from today

i had a very busy and creative day! i worked on christmas decor and handmade gifts, and also intangible things on the computer. tuesdays are my days that are my own, and i love them. i’m getting much better at making them days where i feel fulfilled (i used to […]

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