17 May, 2021


i. hoping for a normal week, after a covid case in my son’s class leading to quarantine/homeschool, then two bank holidays and an overnight trip.

ii. still coming down from my late night book club session last night with the caribbean book club.

iii. thinking about how to attack my flower garden. definitely want to put in some cistus plants. that’s the flower above.

iv. smiling at my plans for my upcoming birthday weekend. i fully intend to pamper myself.

v. knowing that i do need to get serious about some work related things.

vi. happy about my two week “get it finished challenge”. it’s free! join us.

vii. wanting to completely lose myself in all the good books on my tbr.

viii. sighing as i look around my office and studio and realise that i really need to do some serious de-cluttering.

ix. knowing that i will definitely have to take a nap later on today.

x. crossing fingers for more sunshine as the week progresses.