28 April, 2015

Everyday Adventures as a Family

Everyday Family Adventures-17

We just got done with a week of family vacation. We didn’t go anywhere, but we had a fabulous staycation. The weather cooperated, and we were treated to some seriously glorious spring days. Some even felt like summer.

On the home front, we worked hard, all three of us, and got our vegetable garden put in.

Everyday Family Adventures-18

I finally got proper garden beds! I think this is going to be a game changer for us. I have read about their advantages for years, but this year a post I read over on Creative Vegetable Gardener sealed the deal for me. I informed Lucas that they absolutely had to be made this year, and he came through!

Everyday Family Adventures-19


Everyday Family Adventures-20

I think it’s safe to say that we have the prettiest potager in the neighbourhood now. I’ve also been working on getting flower plants in everywhere. A lot of it with the help of Kieran.

Everyday Family Adventures-12

Once the garden was sorted, we took some time out to relax and headed out on a day trip to a very charming town close by called Vogüé. One thing I wasn’t expecting when I left the house that morning was my feet being in sand and water by noon!

Everyday Family Adventures-5

They didn’t last long in the water though , it was freezing!

Everyday Family Adventures-4

The town was truly a sight to see.

Everyday Family Adventures-11

Everyday Family Adventures-7


I loved all the doors. Doors have been my fascination since first visiting France in 2003.


Everyday Family Adventures-9

Everyday Family Adventures-10

The guys waited around a lot as I took photos everywhere

Everyday Family Adventures-8

(It’s entirely coincidental that they are dressed alike!)

We even found the library.

Everyday Family Adventures-6

I think I will start one of these in our town too.

We also went on a splendid bike ride!

Everyday Family Adventures-21

Everyday Family Adventures-22

Living where we do, we don;t need to go far to feel like we’re truly on vacation.

What was your last everyday adventure?