26 July, 2016

Summer So Far + A Blog Break

Three weeks into my son’s official summer vacation, and here’s what we’ve been up to.

Some painting: that’s actually I painting I made for him, and he helped finished off the last few bits.


Thrifting, of course.

Lunch with friends

Spending time with friends, eating all the things

Tour de France

Checking out the Tour de France

Pont du Gard

and national sites

We even made it to the beach! There’s also been lots of this:

How is your summer shaping up? I’ve only been on partial vacation myself, but I plan to take the majority of August off. I won’t be posting on the blog, but I will still share on social media. So follow me on Instagram to see the rest of our summer adventures! We have a couple more short trips planned, plus some exciting news to share!Francine