19 November, 2017

Five Meals You Have to Try

Last night I made what has become one of our very favourite chicken dishes ever: Perfect Pan-Roasted Chicken Thighs.  I follow Bon Apetit on Facebook, and thanks to them have discovered some wonderful meals to add to our usual rotation. The best things about this one is that it is so easy, and you only need four ingredients: chicken thighs, salt, pepper and vegetable oil.

Source: Bon Apetit

Thinking about how good the meal was inspired me to share it, and some of our other favourites with you.

This Butternut and Coconut Milk Rice  from Tartelette is a perfect fall meal; it’s delicious and warming. In fact I think it would pair up well with the chicken thighs, but it’s just as good on its own.

Quiche Lorraine is a staple around here (we do live in France after all!), in fact I am making one today. I love this version from Life in Grace (yes an American blog!). I don’t always make it exactly this way, but you have to try it.

This leek potato goat cheese tatin is to die for (une tuerie as they say in French), Everyone who tastes it has been wowed. My son is not a fan of leeks, so he picks that out, but he loves the rest!

Here’s another tatin we love: carrot tatin! So very good. I recommend using a mandoline to slice the carrots thinner though, I found that when too thick they didn’t cook all the way through. But the balsamic sauce is so dang good!

Let me know if you try these out! What are some of your favourite meals right now?