Food and Drink

à table!

i’m cooking dinner tonight, and it’s one of our favourite meals: gochujang chicken. can’t beat chicken and potatoes right? this version is slowly roasted for over two hours in a sweet and spicy sauce. it takes about twenty minutes to prep, then another 15 minutes once cooked to get it […]

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so tasty

i go through periods where i am mildly obsessed with avocado, and eat it almost daily. I am totally in that period right now, especially as we have happened to come across a really good source. this might seem odd to you, but since all avocadoes are imported into france, […]

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good eats

my husband and i, and to some extent our son, are quite the foodies. but the most important thing, especially during the school term when we all have various activities, is that we can prepare simple and tasty meals that aren’t too labour intensive. here are some recipes we’ve used […]

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Five Meals You Have to Try

Last night I made what has become one of our very favourite chicken dishes ever: Perfect Pan-Roasted Chicken Thighs.  I follow Bon Apetit on Facebook, and thanks to them have discovered some wonderful meals to add to our usual rotation. The best things about this one is that it is […]

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