26 April, 2019

good eats

my husband and i, and to some extent our son, are quite the foodies. but the most important thing, especially during the school term when we all have various activities, is that we can prepare simple and tasty meals that aren’t too labour intensive.

here are some recipes we’ve used lately that have knocked it out of the park.

low carb chicken tenders

fast and easy instantpot ribs

choyote mock apples and cinnamon pork chops

instant pot chili (my son asks me to make this every week)

smashed sweet potatoes

instant pot butter chicken

italian sausage with pepper and onions

instant pot chicken adobo

blistered green beans with garlic – pictured above: this is the only way i will eat green beans now.

and yes, we do rely heavily on our instantpot. that thing is a life saver for family meal prep. if you don’t have one though, most of these dishes have stove top. slow cooker or oven versions.

also, we have yet to try an instantpot chicken dish that wasn’t amazingly good. chicken was made to be cooked under pressure!

what goodness have you cooked up recently?