27 September, 2021

à table!

i’m cooking dinner tonight, and it’s one of our favourite meals: gochujang chicken. can’t beat chicken and potatoes right? this version is slowly roasted for over two hours in a sweet and spicy sauce. it takes about twenty minutes to prep, then another 15 minutes once cooked to get it ready for serving. tons of bang for your buck!

in that vein i thought i’d share some favourite recipes from the last year or so. these are for the meat lovers!

i was happy to learn that i could get oxtail here. it’s really common back home. so now we love oxtail stew jamaican style

we buy a side of lamb every year, so i’m always on the lookout for good recipes. this one for lamb ribs hit the spot.

this french onion beef noodle soup is kind of labour intensive but worth it. perfect for chilly nights!

chicken is a staple, so i’m always looking for new recipes. this shoyu version is a new favourite.

we were blown away by this lemony salmon and spiced chick peas dish.

do you eat duck? try this sticky duck breast roast.

what are some of your favourite family meals?