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new art supplies

i got a box of fun new art supplies this week. i’ve been wanting to invest in a set of inks for ages, so this ink focused box was just perfect. i had some really basic spray inks from my scrapbooking days, which i would use when inks were called […]

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à table!

i’m cooking dinner tonight, and it’s one of our favourite meals: gochujang chicken. can’t beat chicken and potatoes right? this version is slowly roasted for over two hours in a sweet and spicy sauce. it takes about twenty minutes to prep, then another 15 minutes once cooked to get it […]

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i’m finding it hard to settle into getting anything concrete done this week, and this morning while doing my morning pages, i had an epiphany: i’m exhausted from over extending myself last week. i signed up for three different classes without realising it (you know those free challenges that lead […]

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on my wall

we have plain white walls, so i have hung any number of things to add some colour to the rooms. quite a few are my own creations, both painting and other handicrafts. one of the things i find myself doing, is suing them as backdrops for taking photos, especially of […]

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square art

i am still enjoying making mini pieces of art. once the inchie challenge was over i stumbled upon the squareathon challenge on instagram, so i’ve been using those prompts to keep the creativity going. since my art studio is out of bounds right now because of renovations, these mini pieces […]

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