4 September, 2021

my style, such as it is

when i got back on track with my online business this year, i realised i needed to up my personal style a bit. or a lot. after months of slouching around the house in loungewear (coughpyjamascough), it was kind of hard to get back to being properly dressed to go in front of the camera.

while searching pinterest for outfit ideas for a class i was doing on sewing my own clothes, i hit upon a style that called to me: headwraps! i prefer the colourful ones, especially in afrocentric prints, but plain ones work too. and so my new style was born. couple the head wrap with some funky earrings, and basic make-up, and i am comfortable in front of the camera now.

i don’t look like this every day though, pjs are still what i rock on some days!

what’s your personal style?