23 September, 2021


i’m finding it hard to settle into getting anything concrete done this week, and this morning while doing my morning pages, i had an epiphany: i’m exhausted from over extending myself last week. i signed up for three different classes without realising it (you know those free challenges that lead into some paid program being launched), and because i felt like each one was important ( addressing midlife, business, and art) I went ahead and did them all. while also working hard on making more notebooks and journals, which is in itself quite a huge task. I got through the week, completed the majority of the class tasks, plus added six new notebooks to my store, but i’m paying for it this week, with sluggishness of mind and body.

i also didn’t relax much on the weekend, as i did quite a bit of laundry and house cleaning. we had dinner with our good friends (three other families) on saturday night, which was excellent. i’m planning to do a big fat zero this weekend coming, but i still need to get work done this week. i had planned to design and submit six more notebooks, but that ain’t happening. i’ve come to terms with doing all the most important bits – researching the interior and cover design etc. plus other must-dos like blogging and my newsletter. and more laundry….

but i’m happy that i pushed myself with the classes, because i got lots of good information out of them, lots to think about and implement over the coming weeks.

we still have fairly decent weather – only a couple of dreary days in the past ten days, so that helps. it’s quite sunny today, even though our temperatures have dropped a bit, pretty much from the first day of autumn! funny how that happens.

in the end, taking it easy this week is a good thing. it’s good to have spaces in between, that’s when i find i can muse things over, think things through, and then progress.

and vivement le weekend!