11 September, 2021


today was a saturday unlike the norm. my son wanted me to come to his football match in the afternoon, so i had to reorganise my day. usually i don’t leave the house on Saturdays – my husband does the grocery shopping – so i spend it at home dong chores. okay some chores. i also tend to sleep in – we all do.

last night i decided i would wake up earlier than usual, so i could get the laundry going early. i think i mentioned that usually i have my coffee in bed. well today i was the first up, got the coffee going, and then drank it in the relative quiet while reading blogs (the people participating in Effy’s blog along are fantastic). then ended up actually doing some business related research online, even though i told myself no working this weekend. got the meal planning and grocery list done. laundry going. headed out to the pitch at 2 pm. enjoyed the sunshine, snuck in a few pages reading on my Paperwhite. drank a cold beer to combat the heat. son’s team won – they kind of obliterated the competition! he scored two goals, so was super excited.

back home to do even more laundry, while the guys ran errands. i’m currently surrounded by piles of folded clothes that need to be put away. watched Grace & Frankie while folding. did some art. texted with my dear friend. thought about what i wanted to post on IG, and took photos. ended up doing some more work, adding new journals to the shop. i need to do a laundry switcheroo now, then it will be dinner time. then movie time – we’re watching Thor. yep we’re a Marvel family.

how was your sabado?