7 September, 2021

so tasty

i go through periods where i am mildly obsessed with avocado, and eat it almost daily. I am totally in that period right now, especially as we have happened to come across a really good source. this might seem odd to you, but since all avocadoes are imported into france, sometimes they are no good at all. they can are forced into ripeness, or we buy them still green, but instead of ripening they go rotten. The last few weeks we have totally lucked out, so i have been making various combinations.

i discovered that when mixed with sweet cherry tomatoes, good olive oil, reduced balsamic vinegar some salt and black pepper, that they are incredible.

one day i added lettuce greens, pine nuts, raisins, and dried berries to that mix, and it was sublime.

then there’s always avocado toast: a classic, but have you tried it using slices of baked sweet potato as the “bread”? incredible. (see photo at the top)

i’m already thinking about how i’ll have some tomorrow!

oh, and that reduced balsamic vinegar i mentioned? I’m not making it: this summer we came across a place in the south that makes it in various declinations, and went a bit crazy.

it’s artisanal, organic, and sugar free. and oh so good.

what’s a food you can eat over and over?