22 September, 2015

Creating Space With Routines

Creating Space With Routines - Callaloo Soup

Creating Space With Routines - Creative Simplcity at Callaloo Soup


Around here we are easing back into the school year rhythm. It’s the fourth week of school, and I think all the wheels are turning smoothly now. Case in point: This morning Kieran was able to get up, eat breakfast, get dressed and be ready to go in only 30 minutes. Usually he has an hour in the morning for all this, but between waking a bit late, and having to leave earlier, we needed to rush. Amazingly no yelling was involved.


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I credit this to little systems I’ve been implementing over the last year or so.  Routines and systems (and my planner!) saved my life and help me to really be as slow and calm as I aspire to. They also mean that this year we can introduce additional activities, not just for Kieran but for Lucas and I too.


Creating Space With Routines at Callaloo Soup - Art Class


K will be taking a music class, and an art class. I’ll be doing an art class too! And Lucas will be playing music twice a week.

Being organised enough to make all this work, especially with only one car, was something that seemed impossible to me even just one year ago. But because we’ve worked on standard routines, things like meal planning every week, having set days for grocery shopping and chores, we now have the space to fit in extras.


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But not too many! After all I’m still all about the slow living, with lost of space for free, independent play time. For all of us.


Creating Space With Routines - Callaloo SoupCreating Space With Routines at Callaloo Soup - Time for reading


[bctt tweet=”I really believe that routines & systems allow more space into our lives for organised activities, and spontaneous fun.”]

How do you use routines?