21 June, 2016

Family Life in France | Sunday Art Walk

A couple Sundays ago we headed out to a street art festival in a town close by. It’s an annual event called Les Ephémères, and the art installations are set up throughout the old village of the town. We didn’t manage to see everything but what we did see was splendid! A very nice family art walk. My mind is now whirling with ideas for summer art projects for Kieran and I.

Lots of the art was made by school children in the area:

A letter to the government from fifth graders.

We were greeted by a very friendly creature

I loved these woven lampshades

And this amazing one made with map papers

How about this garden of flowers?

At times it was interactive

And it felt like we were being watched……

It was a totally fun family afternoon! Have you ever done an art walk?