17 September, 2021

plan all the things

in my family i am known as the christmas elf, so it’s probably no surprise that i am already starting to think about the holidays. since falling down the crafty rabbit hole, i have focused on making handmade gifts, and décor, and so that means i tend to start early. several years ago, after falling down the planner rabbit hole, i came up with my mindful christmas planner printable. this year i am excited to be able to offer a paperback (and soon a hardback) version of the planner. i’ve expanded and improved it, and you can get yours here.

or maybe you’re more into halloween? don’t worry i got ya. Two choices even!

we don’t celebrate thanksgiving here, but it was one of my favourite things when i lived in the us. the pies! oh the pies! actually, that’s not completely true, i have had a few thanksgiving dinners with american friends here. i love the idea of the holiday, so i made a planner for it too. and a five year gratitude journal. the kind you write one line a day in.

which holidays are you looking forward to? what are some of your traditions?