10 photos from today

i had a very busy and creative day! i worked on christmas decor and handmade gifts, and also intangible things on the computer. tuesdays are my days that are my own, and i love them. i’m getting much better at making them days where i feel fulfilled (i used to […]

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Hello December

We woke up to snow this morning (which is quite unusual for these parts this early), and I immediately got in the Christmas mood. I really have the itch to decorate now! I was in the perfect mood to set up our Advent Calendars: I prettied up the Playmobil calendar […]

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10 Signs It’s Christmas in the West Indies

I grew up on a couple of small islands in the blue Caribbean sea. For us the signs of Christmas didn’t involve snow or frost (although we all did lustily sing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” and “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”). There were some very specific things […]

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In Dark December | A Christmas Imperative

  In Dark December by Ralph Murre Whatever you believe, whatever you do not, there are sacred rites you must perform in dark December. Do this for me: Pull together the kitchen table, the folding table, and that odd half-oval usually covered with bills and broken pencils and red ink. […]

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