10 September, 2021

yeah, i just used the c-word

okay people, i don’t want to cause panic, but christmas is indeed coming. and it will be here before you know it. trust me.

this year i have set a goal to get all my handmade stuff: gifts, decor, cards – completed by november 30th. i am literally cackling as i write this because it honestly seems like i am fooling myself. i think other crafters will agree.

we’re all too familiar with that last minute rush finishing gifts at 3:am before christmas morning. but i don’t want to be in that place this year. last year i learnt a hard lesson when it came to my christmas cards, which i didn’t get out until mid-december. all my cards were international (the french don’t really do christmas cards, but rather new year cards, which i never send – hmm maybe i will add that to my list this year ha!) but i digress. while a few of my cards made it on time, the ones that went further, like to some islands in the caribbean took six months! you heard me. thanks to covid restrictions some of them sat who-knows-where until certain borders were open.

while i don’t plan to send them six months ahead this year (in any case i already missed that window), i definitely want to get them out ahead of the mail rush. i actually have a tried and true method for getting christmas cards done and dusted, and i have run it as a free class by e-mail for the last few years. i’ll be running it again this year. I haven’t decided on the exact start date yet, but probably sometime in October.

if you want access then go here to sign up, and i’ll let you know when it starts.

have you started thinking about the holidays yet?