Sunday Something

Sunday Something | The Everyday

I’m cogitating over this post by Design for Mankind. Are you making space for stillness in the everyday? Slow parenting is my jam. Are you really doing what’s important, not just urgent? I’ve been saying this for years. Glad to see NPR agrees with me! Want more links and resources […]

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Sunday Something | Pink Petal Paradise

Pink Petal Paradise | Judas Tree This made me laugh so freaking hard. If you love Pinterest, you will love it! I never get tired of my “Friends” Best interpretation of Just Be Yourself I’ve seen in a while. A little peek into what makes me the happiest. Are you […]

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Sunday Something | The Childhood Edition

Sunday Something The Childhood Edition

I’m very passionate about positive & respectful parenting, and also about free play being an important gift you can give your children.  I avidly read articles about parenting and childhood every day. I share a ton on my personal Facebook profile, and wanted to share some recent favourites here on […]

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